Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mini Reunion

A last minute booking that turned out just awesome.  Any excuse is a good excuse for a family photo session.

Kaskade - Angel On My Shoulder (HQ)

The tunes help the editing flow. I couldn't be without them!  Enjoy this song by Kaskade.... One of my fav's.  ;-)

Babybel Original

Ladies.... Am I right when I say we love Cheese?

I think these are a great little treat when you need some extra calcium. (2 is my limit)  ....but lets face it, if you love cheese they are like a little taste of heaven. Not that heaven is like cheese...but you get the idea.  lol

These Runners Were Made For Walking....

..... and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these runners are guna walk all over you.  ;-)

When you give up on something, its hard to get back at it.  For the longest time I was obsessed with working out and keep ultra active. (No joke...really I did lol) Then your career hits a busy streak, you enter an awesome relationship, life gets busy, eating is your full-time hobby and exercising takes the back road.  ugh. .... and I let it happen.  I'm okay with that because I'm still very thankful of what I have in my life.  .... But when you turn into your 30's and you start feeling like you're 94 and everything aches and every thing makes you ache and when you get out of bed you hobble stiffly toward the bathroom: Houston We Have a Problem.

Its time to get back on that back road and move it forward.  For me... the most low impact sport I can accomplish easily is "walking."  (1/2 hour every day or every other day)

There.  Now I really have to keep up on this, especially now that I've blogged about it. ;-)

Happy trails to you!

A New Year.... School That Is.

There is always a fresh feeling in the air when its the 1st day of school.  Excitement comes to mind... and I think its always a good thing when there is none stop smiling for everyone.

(Yes I'm the crazy one with the big camera invading the classroom.  Excited much?  Yes... I'm excited for these growing years. There is nothing these kids can't do and the possibilities are endless)


Photo Shoots

When I head out to a shoot I always have a few things in mind... and I always bring the following for any type of shoot:

 -I bring a little hope that the light will be perfect and the surroundings will be pleasant

-GUM! Fresh breath is important. ;-)

-My bags are packed with the necessary equipment.  You never know what you need... so bring it (and bring two of

-Fear can stay at home

-Business cards are a must

-Always have extra memory cards ;-)

-Water water water

-Patience & a monopod (This one is a big one!  Sometimes you have to wait for the perfect shot... but it will come.  Hence: Patience is a must and a monopod will ease the load. ;-)

Happy Wednesday Shooting!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Leah Flanagan

A night of song and friends at City Perk.  I couldn't help myself to take a few photos. Let it been known, I can't seem to put the camera down.  That's life for me. That's the life of a photographer.

Table For Seven

Acreage settings are for awesome family photos.

I was totally stoked to enter this families home after... where they made a collage of the images I have taken over the years.   My mouth did a jaw-drop seeing the final result!  The best part is these images are candid, much like how they are hung on the wall.  You can add images... take away and add more. I love it.

Well there will be more to add after this last family session!

Table For Five

 Beautiful light... cute kids and one big teddy bear. ;-) We set out for a morning shoot.... and I clicked my camera for over 300 shots. How could you not when things go so well!

Table For Five

I love love love these family photos.  When you have little kids in your life.... life is so much better. :-)

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