Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project 365> Day Forty-Seven

Very sad day today. :-(
I lost my Auntie Chris to cancer.  She fought as hard as she could with her family by her side.  We all loved her dearly.  I'll never forget the person she was and still is..only now in heaven.

A few weeks ago I was able to see her and capture some photos of everyone with her. It was one of those moments I realized how important it is to take pictures of every moment possible. Even if its hard.

The world works in mysterious ways and I'll never understand why cancer takes the ones we love.  Its not fair, but the most important thing is to never lose your heart in the process. Your heart keeps you strong till you find you can't take another breath. When its your time, its okay to let go and end the suffering.

She will be forever missed by her daughters, nieces, nephews, cousins, her husband, her sons, her sisters, neighbours, everyone.  She really was an amazing lady.


Sam said...

So sorry for your loss Lisa :'(
I too have lost too many amazing people to cancer. Such an ugly cruel disease.

Anonymous said...

Lisa your words are so poignant I am brought to tears.

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