Friday, July 29, 2011

The Lake

For as long as I can remember... we've gone to Candle Lake.  I grew up with walks to the little beach, amazing sunsets, ruff boat rides, docking the boat in the middle of the lake, watching my sisters ski & tube, listening to Fine Young Cannibals, visiting old friends, watching the bears at the dump and camp fires with marshmallows.  It was nothing to just pack up everything Friday night and head up for the weekend. Its just how we rolled. It was awesome.  I'm so glad my parents made the effort.

Nowadays with every one's busy lives, we don't always get to go up...but I'm still thankful for the times when we do make the effort to hang out as a family (alllll squished into the little cabin).  Its all about making memories. I love those good old fashioned memories.

My nieces and nephew have grown so much since these last photos were taken... and my newest niece Morgan will have her 1st lake experience this weekend. :-)

Today is one of those days, I'm really thankful for family.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All Said & Done

When the day ends... do I feel like I've gotten everything done that I need to?
Probably not.
Yep... No I haven't. lol

...But there is only one of me and every day is a new day to accomplish the tasks at hand. As long as I stay motivated like this dude... everything will be alllllllll good. :-)

Party Of Three

Three very photogenic faces and I set out for a quick shoot near the river!

So I'm pretty thankful for how they put up with me making them do stuff for the camera .... lol  I am the boss after all!  ;-)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Two Twenty (On 20th St)

If its one thing in life I enjoy... its grabbing a coffee. Especially if I can support someone else other than Tim's.  ;-)

Pool Parties

Summer is in full bloom and the pool parties have started.

A pool in the family?  Yes yes... it pretty much rocks I'll tell ya.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Self Portrait

If you've ever asked me: ..."Who takes your photo Lisa?".... I'll always tell you: "I use a self-timer."

Its true.  Usually when I do my self portraits its just me, my tripod, my camera.... maybe a mirror or two involved.  I keep it simple.  I think about all the amazing things in life to make me smile. Click. Done!

Happy weekend everyone.  :-)
(Here is a few new actions demonstrating a tea-stained grain....and last photo with a vintage sea blue hue)

Aurora Condominiums >Remai Construction

There is still units available....  A must see!
(Interior photos will be online soon!)

Party of Four

We had some all around family fun and giggles.  I got along great with these kids... which leads me to believe I'm still a kid myself. ;-)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nature Photography? What? Huh?

If its one area of photography I never really dabble in... it's nature.

Sometimes you gotta step outside your boundaries... but I think I'll stick to people from now on. ;-)

Three Months Young

When you're as nice as these parents... you're bound to have a super cute happy baby boy.

I wonder if Twenty Twelve Urban Clothing will start carrying baby clothes??? lol

B.A Robinson

You might say this is the coolest tap I've ever photographed up close.

Me likes!

Bonjour! Party Of Five

It was a quick family shoot.... but a get together nonetheless!   It's always a treat to photograph these smiling faces.

One Year

The best part about my job... is watching kids grow.  This shoot marks the one year point.... and she is  adorable as ever. :-)

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