Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Familiar Faces

Would it be a bad thing if I played favouritism?

Probably! lol

Nonetheless, this is one of my favorite families to see each year.  Every year just a little bit taller...and the new furry addition certainly completes this family.

Newborn Girl

I love meeting new parents.  They buy such cute things... like these shoes. A baby girl can never have enough shoes. :-)

Table For Four

Back in the studio! Tis the season to stay inside and be warm!

I love nothing more than a laid back family session.... and these folks happen to be adorably photogenic. :-)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Homemade Heaven

Last year I made homemade salt scrubs for Christmas gifts. There is nothing I love more than a heartfelt homemade gift.

So I have some ideas brewing for this year... but I can't give out any secrets yet.

Here was the salt scrub lab last year... and I think Im still finding sea salt on the floor. ;-)  Sadly I can't remember the recipe I followed... but when you google homemade salt scrubs, there are lots of options that come up to make your own creation.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Assistant Anna

I'm always so thankful to have help during a wedding. ...but my taurus nature, makes me a stubborn one to actually ask for the help.  I prefer to try and get'r'done on my own and I'd like to think its possible to carry 17 heavy bags on my own. LOL  ;-)

Anna has helped me a few times and knows the drill.

She's got my back. ;-)  ...but I only wished she lived in Saskatoon!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hello You, Its Me Again

I don't know what it is about coming back from a trip...but I feel like fixing the kitchen sink, making soups, stepping on a scale, buying presents and hitting the gym. (In no particular order)

Ohhhh Weight Watchers, I left you behind years ago, but turns out... I need you.

I'm not usually one to follow numbers, although!.....Thanks to my partner in crime,  I do love the number 22 because its lucky, and the number 11 is awesome because X2 it equals 22.  Oh and my favorite number is 7 because it looks like an upside down L.....  But anyhow, the Weight Watchers scale read 164 today.
:-0 uuuugh.  1 6 4... that number kinda sucks for me. *Blush*  That number haunted me 6 years ago when I stepped on a Weight Watchers scale and that number haunted me on today....which happens to be 22/11/11. But have no fear... those are good numbers. Trust me: Today wasss a good day, even though I had some numbers haunt me. :-)

In the past, I've lost weight, maintained, gained, lost, got in super shape, gained, maintained, lost, gained... repeat.  Its a daily struggle for most women I know and yes its just easier to not pay attention to what goes in your mouth, cook with butter and to leave those runners on the shelf. Its been a blast eating whatever I wanted, drinking whatever I wanted and not really keeping super duper active.... because in my life, I really love to indulge.  Those days aren't over... but they are on the shelf for a bit.  So its a sad, yet uber exciting time right now.  Is that possible?  Okay, I'll drop the sad.

I say hello to...
Portion control
Being accountable
Staying positive

When you blog about it. You gotta follow through.


Its a done deal now. ;-)

Debbie, thanks for still being a leader. You rock.
Jennifer Hudson, you rock.

And Shawn.... You are MY rock. I love you. :-)

Monday, November 21, 2011



8 x 10 patchwork prints are on sale till the end of November! $35 for a three combo print. ;-)  Bold black and white... or brilliant color. These babies are sized and ready to frame. ;-)

Got Gifts?

I know.  Its hard to believe Christmas is so close. VErrrrry close. Closer than you think!

Are you needing some enlargements or patchwork prints ready in time??  Or Christmas cards?  Please order before Dec 3rd if you need for the big day!  

ps... and no my tree is not set up yet.  This tree happens to be compliments of a long time friend.  I wonder if she recognizes it?!?!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hawaiian Nuts

We're enjoying this Hawaiian life waaaaaaay toooooo much.   I think its time to come back to the snowy Saskatchewan land.  

We miss you all.... ;-)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 11th 2011 (Scott & Serena)

'Tis a day to remember for this lovely couple. 11 11 11 in Hawaii. :-)

Their ceremony was breathtaking...and I can only tell you... the love they share warms my heart.

More pix to come! I promise!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Scott & Serena

Ahhhh yes... the happy wedding couple (in the pool) will be married Friday.  We're all pretty stoked.

There is something amazing about a small intimate wedding group. ... and I've totally enjoyed capturing candids all the way up to this point. :-)

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