Friday, June 25, 2010


If you're interested in something...interesting... then try out a Nia class at Oshun House.
Good way to dance, get your heart rate up and feel good about what you're doing for your body.

Baby Girl

Guys love love love having their picture taken. (Enter sarcasm here)
I'll always find a way to make someone find the humour in a photo opt.  Even if it means reading the Western Producer to your newborn baby daughter.

New Addition To The Family

This baby will grow up with loving sisters and one big brother.
Brother stole my heart!
When asked if I could take him home with me... he replied: "Yes!"

Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Old Days

I miss the good old days of waiting to see your film.
Waiting to see what you captured makes the world of photography all that more exciting.
Digital has changed my perspective, I would say for the better. ...... But I'll never forget that learning film made me a true photographer and a darkroom junky.
Never forget your roots of what makes you who you are today.

Happy Dad's Day

Sometimes the words from a card say it all.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fixation Shoes

I'm such a girl.
I get excited about shoes. I love shoes.  I need more of them.

Serenity Apparel

Comfortable clothing for kids from Serenity Apparel downtown Sasktoon!
These little sweeties were perfect models from Masala Model and Talent.  I enjoyed working with such pretty faces!

Sandhill Stables

If you know me, I might have told you about the time I took riding lessons.  My own horse being a little on the chunky side, had a mind of his own and liked things at a more "slower" pace.  This wasn't good for barrel racing, let me tell you.  ;-)
I was sent out on an assignment at Sandhill Stables and I couldn't be more excited.  This was my old-stomping grounds.  This is where my horse "Pal" was from and where I took riding lessons.  
When I arrived, things didn't look familiar, but the faces did.  It brought me back.  The smell. The atmosphere. Everything.  I felt like I was 8 again.


In-Touch > Seniors Financial Advisory and Administrative Support

Every single day I meet interesting and amazing individuals.
When my Oma was in a care home, I loved going to visit her.  I was always privileged in meeting high spirited elders that their sole purpose for the rest of their life is to stay positive, rest, eat well.... and All those good things.
Although its not always easy growing old in a high-tech world, there are people that can help.  Carla Herman at In-Touch will assist seniors with the management of their finances through monthly home visits.  I shared a visit with her yesterday and witnessed just how much she cares for her clients that have turned into friends.
For more information please visit

Ultimo Euromoda

 A well dressed man.  This is what Saskatoon needs and wants. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Sandbox

I love the way a dress can make you feel like the perfect model. Summer is here... finally!
Stop by The Sandbox if you're in need of the perfect summer dress.


Peas for lunch.
If babies could talk... I'm sure they would wonder why some food is green.  ;-)
My little niece is growing like a weed.  I wish she could stay this little forever.


There is always a story behind the faces I photograph.
Myself as a young babysitter, you never think the kids you look after will grow up.
Well they do.  :-)
This graduating gal is someone that will always hold a dear spot in my heart.
Since she was little we've has tea parties, read bed time stories....
.......and yes I've changed her diaper a few times!  ;-)
Seeing her all grown up, literally brought happy tears to my eyes.  She is beautiful.
I am so excited for her bright future ahead.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bun In the Oven

I'm so excited for these new parents.  They are going to be an awesome mom & dad.

The Value Village

Sweet find.  It goes PERfect with my new summer dress.
You could say its "Stella and Dot"....but my nose would grow 2 inches.
I'm a gal who loves a one-of-a-kind object.  Although I haven't had the spare time to raid the thrift shops and dig through cool antique stores like I used to... this object makes me think of how much I'm missing! ;-)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tonic - A Shop For Women

New summer trends in stock!  
You could say I left with a few things after this shoot.
Clothes inspire me.

Super Cute

I'll say it once and I'll say it again.  Kids are my FAV subjects.
Innocent and sweet.
Playful and cute.
This little guy stole my heart!

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