Monday, April 28, 2014

Camera Lessons 101 - Lisa Landrie - Saskatoon Photographer

Ever bought one of those fancy cameras with lenses and got it home and you're like…"This thing sucks, I don't know how to use it, it takes horrible pictures."

….. lol  Perhaps its user error?  ;-) Just kidding (not really).

It was decided last year that I wanted to offer a little bit of a cool thing.

Camera lessons. 

So not "photography lessons"…but rather, camera lessons. A little private lesson on how to use your SLR camera and actually get a great shot of Uncle Phil blowing out his 70th birthday candles.

My private lessons are for the mom who loves being able to pick up her camera and capture her sleeping two year old, for an amateur who just needs a little refresher or for someone who wants to get some good use out of their SLR camera. OR I'll even let you practice on Nikon cameras so you can decide what you'd like to buy for the future. I give insight on how to organize your photos and some tips on better shooting… but ultimately YOU are behind the camera. You have to be the one to decide that you want to take your camera everywhere so you can become a better camera owner.

My private one-on-one lessons are relaxed, non-technical….. in fact the term you'll hear most frequently is… "that do-hicky button…" lol

My "student" last week…. the ever so talented mother of two, wife, sewer, knitter extraordinaire took my little lesson and it was sooooo much fun hanging out.  As always my assistant "Molly"…. posed as well as she could for us.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Project 30 nails - Saskatoon Photographer - Lisa Landrie

You can read all about the beginning of Project 30 nails... HERE

Things are progressing very well with this project! Its been so great digging through negatives and digital files searching for my favorite shots from the last 15 years.  So by the end of this year I hope to have a collection of 30 pieces of my work by form of digital & film media showcased on canvas. 

Exciting stuff for me as an artist I'd say. :-)

Saskatoon Photographer - Lisa Landrie - Baby Photography - Seven Days Old

What a privilege it was to meet this little family complete with a 7 day old baby boy!

Little sister was an absolute gem for the shoot... She certainly added some character. :-) I'm lovin' it.

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