Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011

This post as been a long time coming. A year in fact! ;-)

When a year ends... I always think about the next one and the next one. I can't help but wonder what challenges I might face or what tasks I'll conquer. (Even if it is putting up new wallpaper or painting a wall... or getting rid of a dated big screen TV.... LORD please take that TV off my hands lol)  I totally dislike big TV's.... especially from 1990.  ;-)

Moving along....

Seems like a whole year goes by and you wonder what happened to it... but I can only look forward, upward... yonder.  My blog is a reminder to myself of what a great year I had meeting new faces and seeing old...(but not really old) faces. lol

When I think about what I want to accomplish in the year ahead (because lets face it... New Years is all about NeW YEaRs REsoLuTions)... I think about my business mostly.  Because its just me in the starring role of this show, I need to think about things that need improvement, things that need organizing and mostly how do I keep moving forward (and moving up).  In a city full of bright talent, finding your spot is a never ending task.... so I hope to continue providing the best photography I possibly can for my dedicated clients & friends... and yes, for my family. ;-)

In the future, I will proclaim to be careful of what you wish for. (enter shark music here) lol.... In some way, shape or form, it jusssssst might come true. lol And yes, I've always wished for great things and I've received great experiences.  Experience is how you grow as an artist.  I'm always searching in my mind of what I can do next and I still hope to document life as much as I can, after all.... life as a photographer is very interesting. lol  I like to think so anyways. ;-)

...And with every post comes the photos and what better way to show some recent poppy seed rolls and fresh buns I made.  Life is better with bread....but seriously, I gotta stop trying to be the next great baker and focus on the big picture.  ;-)

Eureka Experience

"Afternoon Tea, traditionally known as "low tea", is a light lunch eaten in the afternoon.  The custom of drinking tea originated in England when Catherine of Braganca married Charles II in 1661 and brought the practice of drinking tea in the afternoon with her from Portugal"

I had the pleasure of joining my sisters and mother at Eureka for afternoon tea...and honestly what a lovely experience filled with the most amazing little sandwiches and danties.  Us Landrie women LOVE our tea & scones with clotted cream. So delicious.

For your own experience... check out
or call >Rachelle Brockman at 371-8348.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Made for Lisa

Its true. I love a good homemade gift. There's nothing better.

Sure it might not be totally perfect... it might expire sooner... or something might come unglued.... but it was made from the heart. A genuine gift. Something sweet. Always made with love.

Everyone needs a sewing kit. Viola!
(ps... Anthropologie was selling these babies for $49.95. Wowza!)  I made my own version...and let me tell you:  I made FIVE for the price of one. Sweet deal.  I'd make them again in a heart beat.

Toooo Many Tarts To Eat

Its all in the title.  I made tooooo many and now there are tooooo many to eat. Yeah right. ;-)

I think tarts are underrated. There is sooooo much hype about cupcakes and tarts have been left in the dust.  I brought them back ...JACK!

Santa's Playlist Concert

Seriously love this time of year when Christmas plays are put on by kids.  The way they remember their "lines" and "songs"...flabbergasts me!  Shout out to South Corman Park School for putting on such a great show about Santa finally getting an ipod. ;-)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Grampy & Evan

Gotta love a 60 year old who tries to keep up with the 10 year old playing the Wii.  ;-)


I had to post a few more of these faces... I couldn't resist after editing some of them today.

The Christmas haul/rush is coming to an end.... Only 5 more days till the big day!

Table For Five!

This family is a perfect example of what to wear for a family shoot!  Love it.

New to my camera... I had such a good time photographing these faces.  Adorable kids.  ;-)


I love photographing Christmas events.  Everything and everyone is simply merry.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Holiday greetings from all of us.... to you. ;-)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


They will marry each other next July... and Im so excited to work with this couple.  It has to be said: This couple is so adorable.

Here are some fun pix's from the weekend.

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