Friday, July 30, 2010

Table for Seven!

One brother with four sisters!  Good thing he's the oldest!
Seriously cute kids. 

Three Plus One

New addition to arrive soon! Big sister is excited to say the least!
Cupcakes complete ANY type of shoot. 

Summer Fun

There is nothing better:
A pool in the family.
My little niece is growing like a weed.  Its moments like these I wish I could freeze.
Photos will help.  ;-)


Conversations with Mason
I always talk to my subjects. Especially kids. The reactions you receive are priceless.
Conversations with Hannah

Conversations with Emerson

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lookie Here

I shoot... I edit.
Shoot... edit... shoot edit...
Today I edit.
I have to post this photo.
...And for all my photo pals: F11 125 ISO 400. I deepened the contrast slightly in photoshop...but other then that, this photo is original. Just the way I like it.

Favorite Things

Oprah does it. Why can't I.
Here are some of my favorite things and why.
Blueberries: Full of little cancer fighting agents. Also a quick amazing dessert with whipped cream.
Method Dish Soap!  Comes in many awesome scents! Plus it looks fabulous on your counter, rather then the traditional generic dish soaps.

Organics Coffee from Shoppers. Fair trade.  Fair enough! I like to support the organic brands when I can.
Ristorante Pizza.  Wow.  Normally I DO NOT buy box pizza. This brand is super awesome.  Don't pay anymore then $4.99.... and they go on sale at Extra Food and Shoppers ALL the time.
Fruits and Passion ANYTHING. This store has a scent for everyone. I really LOVE the Baobab line.
So if you've asked me before. "Lisa what do you do with your hair?"..... I can finally let you in on my secret. Joico Ice Whip.  It may not work for you....but it works for me.  I've been using it for years. 
My Nana drank out of a tea cup, my Oma did as well,  my mom loves tea cups.  I also love collecting antique tea cups. Its a thing I hope to pass down to many generations.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 24th Wedding

The moment when a groom first sees his bride.  Breathtaking. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010


First fabulous person to e-mail me the promo code #22, you'll receive $25.00 off your next summer family photo session....or a free 8 X 10 collage print.


I love when a little newborn can connect with my camera. She was a doll for her 1st photo shoot.  ;-)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Action

This family captured me in action! Thanks so much!

Assignment > 2nd Ave Sidewalk Sale

I love heading out on a summer day. Shopping. Eating. Walking.
The 2nd Ave Sidewalk Sale was a hit!

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