Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Project 365> Day Two Hundred & Thirty-Seven

Not many kids can start the 1st day of school with saying...."Sorry Teacher.... I'm honestly late because I had a balloon ride this morning and there was champagne at the end"
(Well... no the kids didn't have any champagne.... but the orange juice was pretty good to celebrate the moment)
There was a point (as always).... where I need to enjoy the moment and put the camera down after awhile.  There was a point where I thought to myself, wow.... take it in, just relax and keep this moment in your brain.  Take in the peacefulness, take in the atmosphere...take in the experience.  After all... I was with the ones I love and it was my gift to them to be able to witness our little piece of earth.

The farmers need to take credit for their artistic skills on the field I must say!


Shawn said...

what an absolutely amazing Experience! thank you Lisa! it was well worth the wait

Anonymous said...

John and I had a great time also. The pictures you took Lisa turned out great. The honey and cucumbers left on our front porch will taste awesome. That was very nice - Thank you. Jewel

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