Saturday, October 27, 2012

Project 365> Day Two Hundred & Eighty-Nine

I had a dream last night I was on a horse... galloping through an open field. It was the most liberating dream ever.

I'm sure if you know me, you would have met the famous family horse Pal (on the left).  Pal is my childhood horse, our family horse yes and he will always be the faithful sweetheart that he is.  There's no denying his name... he's your Pal.   ...But for a horse with a name so noble, we all agreed that Pal needed a pal.  No one should be alone really... not even a horse. ;-) So after all these years of having his own trails to we welcomed Ben (on the right)...aka The Black Stallion. lol

He literally fit in perfect... and we're all pretty excited to have a new addition to the family. :-)

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