Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sorry... No Photos Today

Today made me realize how life is precious.

....And although I don't have any images to back up today's post... there are a few moments from today that will remain in my brain for awhile.

I'm not sure why I'm always placed in these situations.   I'm not sure why I'm the chosen one to witness tragic events.  I know its not because I'm a photographer. ... or maybe it is.  ;-)  But in all honesty, when I'm placed in a "what do you do" situation,  finding my camera is the least of my worries.  Maybe I should have been an EMT.  lol

Today I happened to be first on the scene of a car accident.   I've never been faced with that situation before.

Do you stop?!?!?...
At which point do you reach for your phone to call 911...Or do you race to the car that was just struck by semi? Well I raced to the car yes.... and in those moments leading up to that moment, you're not sure what you're going to do or see.

Thankfully, she was alive (thanks to airbags).... and yes I did phone for help.  If I could only hear the tape of my frantic 911 phone call.  You can tell I don't phone 911 everyday.  ;-)

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