Thursday, August 23, 2012

Project 365> Day Two Hundred & Twenty-Four

Pretty hard not to look at a sunflower and think wonderful things.

Fall is on the very distant horizon...and thats wonderful.
My nieces & nef are always on my mind...and thats wonderful.
My new logo is looking fabulous...and thats wonderful.
Shawn and I laugh like we're teenagers...and thats wonderful.
Having a stay-cation this weekend...and thats wonderful.
I get to photograph a celebrity in September...and thats wonderful.
I bought fresh strawberries to make a batch of jam...and thats wonderful.
I got a new windshield & new wipers lol...and thats wonderful.
I'm super busy with shooting & editing...and thats wonderful.
We might use the canoe this weekend...and thats wonderful.
I just saw a super cute adorable baby today...and thats wonderful.
I perfected potato salad tonight... and thats wonderful.
It's almost the weeeeeekend...and thats wonderful.

My friends... its wonderful to think wonderful things.

(This image had some wonderfully un-wanted things in the I zapped them out, made it white...and gave it a boost of color.... viola! happy sunflower season!)

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