Monday, May 28, 2012

Never Ashamed

Being ashamed of certain things can disrupt your reputation of being cool & carefree. ;-)

I can admit that I'm totally not ashamed that I enjoy McDonald's here and there.  Not every week, not every day..... but a girl should be able to love some chicken nuggets when she wants them (and their coffee is good too) lol ;-)

May I never be ashamed of....
*squeezing the toothpaste
*Using a digital alarm clock
*Cutting my hair product bottles open to get the very last bit
*Sleeping in
*Having more than one bath/shower a day lol
*Consuming dairy
*Not washing my hair every single day
*Having me time
*Forgetting to send out birthday cards
*Putting extra holes in the wall when hanging pictures lol
*Buying cheap shoes
*Waiting for things to go on sale
*Midnight bowls of cereal
*Taking coffee breaks
*Having an actual written day planner
*Using extreme amounts of post-it notes
*Never using coupons
*Confessing funny moments

I don't always agree with how the world runs... but may I never be ashamed of the things that make me... Me.

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