Friday, April 20, 2012

Project 365> Day Ninety-Nine

Something I very very very rarely do:
Shoot with on-camera flash in program mode. 
Program mode is the mode "when you don't know how to use your camera" lol  mode. Below is a shot with on camera flash, ISO 200 in program mode. Its not bad...its not horrible. Its just easy. 

Aside from that... My trip to Canarama today included going to the bank and I needed milk for a sudden cereal craving.  Screw the conventional granola bar.... I want a bit of cereal with milk.  So I stood in line at the grocery store with my 2 litre milk behind an elderly gentleman with the same 2 litre milk.  I towered over his 5'1 height in my 6 inch dress sandals... and he gestured me to move ahead in the line to pay for my milk.  I told him... "Oh no-no, I couldn't..  ... you were first in line" lol...  He says in his little elderly voice, "I don't have anywhere to be in a rush, so you go ahead."  lol

Enter your "awwwwwwwh's" here. ;-)

I love the elderly. I really do. They like milk and they aren't in a rush getting it.

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