Saturday, April 21, 2012

Project 365> Day One hundred

Today marked the 50th anniversary of Clavet School:...

The school I spent 12 years learning as much as I could.
The school I spent 12 years walking the halls and having recess.
The school I spent 12 years trying my best.
The school I spent 12 years sharpening my pencils and grabbing drinks from the fountain.
The school I spent 12 years making friends and making memories.
You get my drift.  lol ;-)
It was a place I'll always remember. ...but its the simple things I almost forgot.  Going back was something I had been wanting to do for a long time.    

As I walked through the halls, it was almost surreal.  Everything looked the same and as a child who paid attention to detail... believe me, everything looked the same.  It was almost like I forgot what it was like... but I still remembered everything..... right down to the pencil sharpeners, the brick in the old gym, certain posters on the walls and how uncomfortable the desks were.  I remembered things like my favorite chalkboard in the french room, the old textbooks, where I liked to sit in certain classrooms and the curved steps in the library.  I had an overwhelming sense of being a child again....and I wanted to cry in a good way (but I held it back). Everything seemed small...but the memories were strong.

 It was a great reunion among teachers and friends. :-)

It also wasn't a surprise when I went through the year book and found my future plans were to be a professional photographer. It also wasn't a shock that my probable destiny was to be a professional photographer.   I guess when its in print, you gotta follow through hey. ;-)

Its day 100 of my 365 project.  This year is flying by super quick... but I'm taking it all in day by day.

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