Thursday, March 22, 2012

Project 365> Day Seventy

Today's challenge: Shoot a pair of sunglasses.
Not so easy actually. lol ;-)
It took quite a few tries before I was happy with this shot below.

I believe in a good pair of sunglasses.  After all... your eyes are pretty important, so you might as well protect them with style.  Now Im not talking about buying a pair of Dollarama specials (Hey Mom... you're guilty as charged!).... Im talking about investing in a great fitting pair of sunglasses... such as these Spy's. This particular pair is for men...but I have owned a pair of Spy's before (and-so-now-does the person who picked them up in Silversprings School girls bathroom) lol Nonetheless they are very affordable & stylish ... but best of all, the quality is present.

Click this image to view larger. ;-)

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