Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Make A List

In life, there seems to be little moments of "overwhelmingness."  Agree?

The thing is, there really isn't a solution... (other than to maybe lead a boring life and who wants to do that?...Not me)... But there is a pure choice you can make when it comes to having solitude and overcoming that "overwhelmingness." 

It's called... "make a list."  

You got it.

Make a list of what you need to do big or small. The satisfaction of crossing things off that list is literally amazing. 

The first thing on my list you ask? Well... It so happened to be calling Loraas Tree Service to come take a large fur tree off the roof of my house after that wind storm.  This sorta took priority over my second thing on the list which was putting away all my winter boots, coats, mitts, scarves, ski pants... etc etc.  Yayayaya! Two things checked off my list already!  Next thing? Taking back bottles to Sarcan. Next thing? Booking myself a spa and making an appointment to get my hair trimmed.

The list is long, ever growing and a lifelong commitment.  Slowly but surly, I'm positive things will get done if you make a list and stick to it.

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