Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cabbage Roll Adventures

Anyone that makes a food tradition come to life, (to me) is considered a genuine artist.  The art of cabbage roll making is a task in itself and I've been ever so lucky to be taught & inspired by one of the great.  Auntie Fran.

She came into my life as we first met in Arizona only a short while ago.... and I will always treasure this art she taught me later on.  As far as traditions go with cabbage rolls, I only assumed that everyone has their own technique.  (I do believe I may have taken on my own technique as well.)  After all, cabbage roll making (believe it or not)... is an art.  Everyone develops their own art. It's the inspiration that makes all things possible.

I was pretty darn happy to provide the cabbage rolls for my families Christmas supper this year.  The mood was present, candles were lit, the ingredients were waiting and I made a little taste of heaven all wrapped up in one.  Thanks to Auntie Fran. ;-)

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