Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Story & Miss Amy Becker

When I started my freelance journey as a photographer in 1999, I still worked for the family business to earn a bit of a paycheck. There were for sure up days and down days working for the family business I can admit. Working for your dad can sure change the relationship and the day eventually came where I decided to walk out. Actually I stomped out yelling "I quit!"... as my Dad yelled… "If you quit don't come back." lol

lol I can laugh about it now… and so can he I'm sure. But its these experiences in life that bring you to meet people that have a lasting impression.  That day after I quit working the family business was the day I got dressed up and marched myself into a Pharmacy with my resume. Luck was on my side and before I knew it, I was training to be a Pharmacy Tech.

It was in 2002 I started working at Drugstore Pharmacy part time and I never knew I would meet such a great friend in the process. Actually I've met some pretty amazing people by nabbing that job and many of those faces remain in my life to this day. Amy is one of them.

Amy has been in my life for many years now and its funny because it never fails when we're together people always ask…"Are you guys sisters?!"… We laugh and say "hahaha people always ask that!" lol  Must be that connection we have that people always look at us and think so.  And so what if there is no genetic gene that causes us to be blood related. We're sisters at heart I think.

Anyhoo, I was super happy she wanted to do a photo session a few weekends ago... especially since we were out the night before and she had some (many lol) wobbly pops.  I made Amy pose like it was her job.  No time for hangovers when you got photos to do. ;-)  (Hair & makeup by me)

Becker, you did good kid.  PS… You need to move back to Saskatoon please. Thanks. ;-)


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