Monday, February 3, 2014

Back To Blogger!

So after a year of change using Wordpress through my website… I've decided to come back to blogger.    It was one of those instances where change seemed like a good idea and it certainly wasn't a bad idea by any means. At the time I was excited to learn a new format... but I for sure lost my groove. So what should you do when something is making you not do what you love to do? I guess you go back to what you know and what makes you feel comfortable. Done deal.

It's time to get back on the blog bandwagon (aka click the word JOURNAL on my website) and this 2014 year will be all about life in general. The simple things. My photogenic life of course.  For sure I'll post a few work related photography postings, promotions etc… but this new year will be all about life, my family, my loved ones, my sleep-in-sundays, perhaps some food related things of course.  My blog is a way for me to carry out my thoughts and for everyone to catch a glimpse into my world.   I'll be carting my camera around everywhere again like I used to. Lucky me I found a better purse to carry my SLR and also picked up a great new 50 mm lens which is nice and light.

Life as we know it is photogenic. Welcome back to my photogenic life.
(ps… All my 2013 postings will still remain on my website under ARCHIVE)

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