Monday, November 12, 2012

Project 365> Day Three Hundred & Five

I was quite possibly born in the wrong country.  (wink)

No offence to my parents (wink wink).... but I often wonder why they didn't settle somewhere warmer. lol  Like really, they pick Saskatoon of all places?  lol  Jokes & lol's aside...I do love where I come from. Saskatoon is picturesque in the winter, lovely in the fall, gorgeous in the summer... and spring? Well spring weather is like a women with pms. Temperamental.  lol  I could live without spring for sure. lol  Now winter? Even though I have a love-hate relationship with winter, I couldn't live without the snow at Christmas time. :-)

I do have fond memories of driving to the lake in the winter, packing up the sleds and snowmobiling till icicles formed from our noses. Drinking hot cozy drinks and making comfort food is what I love most about winter.  All said and done, home is where your heart is and as long as there is something driving you back there, you might as well hang your hat.  But man would it be nice if home was somewhere in the vicinity of palm trees.  ;-)  I love love love palm trees.

Saskatoon is home, but Palm Springs feels like a second home now.  I will say that. :-)

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