Thursday, October 25, 2012

Project 365> Day Two Hundred & Eighty-Seven

What is it about bathing suit shopping that makes it one of the most dreaded things on earth?!  

I'd have to say on the "fun scale" from one to ten... one being the lowest and ten being the highest,  I'd say last night's experience was about a seven.  The sales gal was wonderful, the "sexy & I know it" music playing was fitting and the lady in the change room next to me was amazing.  I think her words were... "honey, don't worry what you got... there is a heck of a lot worse on the beach"  LOL  I took off three points from this experience due to the fact that bathing suit shopping is still by far the most uncomfortable thing to accomplish successfully. 

I never did find a suit. The search continues.  So in leu of going bathing suit shopping last night, I decided eating salads might be my best option for the next while.  lol 

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