Friday, September 28, 2012

Project 365> Day Two Hundred & Sixty

I had a super quick shoot this morning... followed by a wrong turn...which ended up being an impromptu trip to Woodlawn Cemetery. lol  I always think there is a reason you end up where you are. Some days I drive and forget where I'm going... Maybe its a blonde thing. LOL (but I have flecks of grey now)

Maybe some people find cemetery's comforting....perhaps sad... scary maybe ...... but I find them peaceful.  I visit my Oma all the time...then I know she's watching me.   In fact when I walk around areas like this, I get chills all throughout my arms (no joke).... but good chills.  Like the kind of chills that make you realize you're in the presence of the dead, but they are okay with it.

This morning was breathtaking.

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