Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project 365> Day Two Hundred & Forty-Three

Thank goodness for the natural light studio today. :-)

No doubt about it... It t'was a windy day today and its still going strong.  Its almost as if the wind wants to take the leaves before they turn. Its not happening yet though.  ;-) They aren't ready to leave.

If you were lucky enough to stay inside & eat your cake too.... then YOU my friend, are as lucky as I was.  No I didn't eat cake...but I was able to stay inside, enjoy hot coffee, enjoy the smell of the furnace coming on (yes you heard me)... and just plain-old enjoy being inside. I have that fall feeling brewing inside of me, so it makes me want to bring out the leggings & oversized knitted sweaters,  paint the walls, wear fuzzy slippers & work on photo projects.

This image today was full of movement.

I love movement in a photograph. These days... I can't sit still.  :-)

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