Saturday, September 22, 2012

Project 365> Day Two Hundred & Fifty-Four

So its been interesting not having my laptop handy for the last couple of days.  :-(  It's in getting a few things fixed.  Nothing wrong with a little laptop Botox.... A little plump here and there.   ;-)

It's my beloved computer I use for most... if not all of my own personal images. (Things like birthdays, kids games, fun stuff etc)  Its not the newest MacBook Pro...but its a MacBook Pro nonetheless and its my baby.  I've been pretty dedicated to it since 2006 and I guess if I kept up with the newest of everything, I might be somewhat broke. .... although I might be cool.... but I might be broke. .... and there's nothing cool about being broke. lol I think I've always stressed to work with that you have.

Anyways, like a dummy I accidentally knocked my beloved laptop off the bedside table the other day and it requires a new hard drive now.  I was able to save all the data & pictures... but lesson learned I can't stress how important it is to BACKUP your files. :-)  That's my message for today.

Time for a landscape pic. Something I truly enjoy shooting with my 14-24mm lens.  Enjoy your weekend. All smiles here.

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