Monday, August 20, 2012

Project 365> Day Two Hundred & Twenty One

Myself? I'm a homebody.
At one time I saw myself traveling the world... and I did see many parts of it.... but its big. 
Very big.
Too big to see ALL in one lifetime in my opinion (but good for you if you try).   Its still nice to hold it in your hands though.... in the comfort of your own home. :-)

I do love being at home or staying close to home.  Enjoying the simple things makes me happy and driving around always knowing my way, running into people I know literally everywhere, enjoying the sights that are close at hand.  Making a permanent dent in your world is not a bad thing by any means.   That's not to say I don't love traveling, seeing new things & visiting the unknown.  I just prefer close-to-home destinations like places that are named after animal body parts (Moose Jaw) or TimBuckTwo Alberta.  I still hold true to my homemade saying ..."You're doing nothing, unless you're going somewhere" But I'm still a homebody. I'm a homebody like nobody. lol  The dictionary perceives me as ..."one who is unadventurous"...but I'm anything but. ;-) 

Not getting on a plane makes destinations like "across the world" hard to accomplish. lol That's okay though....I'm a homebody. In this moment, the world to me looks perfect as it stands on its very own pedestal.

PS... I still hope to travel to Palm Springs in the future.  Its like a home away from home now.  wink wink.


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