Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Project 365> Day Two Hundred & Fifteen

Its one of those Tuesday evenings.... its after 9:00pm and the evening got away from me.  Actually the whole day got away from me.  It was like it was 8:00am... and then it turned 2:00pm before I knew it.... then it was supper creating time.... then 9:00pm happens, I'm full, sleepy...... and lone behold.... I haven't taken a blog worthy image.  It happens.

So with that said...  I walked around the house looking for something.... Something I don't know what.  Something to pop out at me.  Something to shoot...but not just anything. I knew if I walked around long enough with my camera in hand, dragged my feet.... it would happen.

There it was:  I looked at the blinds and they looked cool to me with the glow of evening light. I took a picture of the blinds.  Big whoop.  Wasn't cutting it. .... awwwwh, wait a minute.... where is that lighter?! ... And then the light bulb went off. Lets play.

Time for a creative 365 post which includes some minimal light through the blinds, a super slow shutter speed...the use of a table to hold my camera steady and a lighter. .... oh and a simple request from a loved one to write.... "Shawn" ...lol

Viola... Day 215 is a success. :-) .... and it only took 10 tries.  Time for bed. :-)

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