Sunday, July 8, 2012

Project 365> Day One Hundred & Seventy-Eight

The day sorta kinda got away on me... and with my event of un-eventfulness.... I only managed to take a quick picture of the jam-turned-into-pancake-syrup I made. lol ... So yes, it started off with full intentions of being strawberry apple jam.... but better yet it turned into strawberry apple pancake syrup, or ice cream topping, or just an over-all spread to put on good stuff. ;-)

Sometimes its not about what doesn't turn out how you intended........ its what you make of it in the end. :-)

I used natural light from the side to accomplish this shot....  and focused simply on the first jar ;-)

The technical: If my memory serves me correct... ISO 1250, 60@f2.8 enhanced with a little layer to give it a color boost ...however this "jam" is still pretty bright on its own!

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