Saturday, June 2, 2012

Project 365> Day One Hundred & Forty-Two

The last time I planted a garden was eons ago.   Like I'm talking the last time was in May 2000 when Mr. Ken Livingstone became the first Mayor of London.... and he just lost the London mayoral election to close rival, Conservative Boris Johnson in May 2012...... which is coincidentally the same time I've decided to try planting a garden again. Fyi... I have no idea who Ken Livingstone was...but now I do... and so do you.  

My point? lol 

I plan on trying to plant a successful garden for the next twelve years.  Its a small realistic goal really.  Obviously Ken had a good run being mayor for twelve years.  Its good to think in terms of a dozen. Although a bakers dozen is thirteen. lol  ;-)  

Crossing fingers the garden will prosper this year. ;-)

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