Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Project 365> Day One Hundred & Twenty-Five

You may or may not have played with barbies as a kid... but I sure did.  

I played with them till they had no hair left... or maybe that was because I used to cut their hair off ?? ;-)  Yes, I did do that often and strangely enough that might be the reason why I've always liked what hairdressers do for a living.  ;-)

I had quite the imagination playing with barbies thats for sure.  In fact if you ever watched any soap opera in your life, my barbies had similar lives as Another World...or The Young and The Restless. lol And with only one Ken doll in tact (Ken #2 lost an arm), life in Barbies world was anything but ordinary.  

I try my hardest nowadays NOT look like a barbie or live in a soap opera world. ;-) 

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