Thursday, May 10, 2012

32 years young

I've heard it more than once in the last few days... "oh, you're just still a young pup.... ".... "oh're only turning 32???... "you young thing you...."  And in the grand scheme of things yes, I am still young and I can't feel embarrassed about saying I was born in the 80's. lol May 9th 1980 to be exact.   There will always be someone younger than me... and someone younger than you.  No matter what age I become, I'll always stay young at heart.

I'll always sing in the car.
I'll always wear light make-up.
I'll always never get plastic surgery. lol
I'll always use Olay Age Defying face cream.
I'll always ride a peddle bike.
I'll always check my reflection.
I'll always listen to house music.
I'll always try something once.
I'll always dance like Shawn is watching. lol
I'll always go on a merry-go-round.
I'll always take pictures.
I'll always respect my elders. ;-)
....I'll always always always stay young at heart.

So with a little evening gathering among my peeps... We laughed, we played, we roasted hot dogs on an open fire...the weather couldn't have been any better and I loved every moment of it.

 It was perfect. Turning 32 was awesome. :-)

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