Sunday, April 1, 2012

Project 365> Day Eighty

We all need a "pick-me-up" now and again (especially on those cloudy days).... which might include an extra coffee,.... maybe its seeing an old friend, or receiving a long hug,... perhaps a swig of it includes a hot bath.....or a trip to your favorite store.... or maybe a long walk, snuggles with your pet....or maybe (just maybe) it includes a big dose of Metamucil. ;-) lol

Pick-me-up's are fabulous...just as long as they are legal & non-addictive... lol ;-)

So... without getting scientific about this next folk remedy, simply "Drop some pennies in your tulip vase..."   It's natures "pick me up" so your tulips won't droop.

Even tulips need a pick-me-up. :-)

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