Monday, March 12, 2012

Project 365> Day Sixty

You're a passenger in the vehicle and you hit a red light.
You look up.
There it is:
... A cool picture....aka "The shot"...
A slight hesitation sets in.
Left shoulder says: "Lisa.... do it, take it.. HURRY"
Right shoulder says: "Relax and enjoy the friggin' ride already... forget about you're darn camera for once and sit in peace".... lol

So....not to get all weird and artsy-fartsy on you, but it was almost a picture from the car window that I didn't take... half due to laziness AND the fact that I didn't feel like fumbling for my camera in my purse AND rolling down the car window AND trying to take the right shot in a millisecond while the light turned green.... AND trying to explain to everyone in the car what I justified taking a photo of. lol

...But I did take that picture and I'm glad I took it.  It was one of those moments I felt I must have been in the perfect spot at the right time. Who knew birds on a wire could grab my attention.  ;-)

Day sixty today...  Only 305 more days to go. ;-)

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