Friday, July 8, 2011

20 Questions

1) Who is your favorite actress? Geena Davis
2) Do you like apples or oranges? It's hard to compare....but I prefer oranges.
3) Glass half full or half empty? Overflowingly full. (Sorry that's not a word...but it is in this case)
4) Do you golf? Nope.... but I've tired it and I bought myself some value village clubs that which sit in the garage collecting dust.
5) Have you ever had surgery?  Tonsils and adenoids out! That's a big thing when you're a kid... which required large consumptions of ice cream afterwards.
6) What's your favorite chocolate bar? Dairy Milk.
7) What's your favorite thing to do on a Sunday? Ah yes. The day off! Vegetate, stay at home... and enjoy every sip of hot coffee, make a sweet breakfast also!
8) Chinese food or pizza? Chinese food on friday, pizza on Saturday, promises of a diet on Sunday.
9) Favorite song? To many to say.... but I love Wayne Newton's Danke Schoen
10) Name one thing that scares you: Basement furnace rooms!
11) Name one thing that inspires you: Good people with warm hearts.
12) What do you hope for? For The City of Saskatoon to have a proper freeway!
13) Do you have a recurring dream? When I dream awake.... I dream of all things great.
14) Tell me about your dad: He's the strong and silent type who loves a peanut butter sandwich after a meal. ;-)
15) Do you like animals? Love 'em. ... and I love Jefferson (The family cat). 
16) What do you want to be doing in 10 years? The same thing I'm doing now.... I love my life and the people in it....but it would be pretty cool to retire. lol
17) One thing you love about yourself: My artistic nature.
18) One thing you would change about yourself: Procrastination.
19) What would you do as a profession other than what you're doing now? Own a spa and dwell in all the serenity.
20) Favorite season? Each season has its qualities.... and its downfalls.... but Fall is beautifully spectacular.

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