Friday, May 13, 2011

The Waking Up Window

When I wake up and look out the window, I truly see.
(In no particular order ;-)

I see endless possibilities
I see endeavors
I see time
I see a bright future
I see truth & honesty
I see hope always has a positive outcome
I see many more bright mornings
I see certain dreams coming true
I see the world in a new way
I see with good health comes happiness
I see holding true to oneself
I see ideas and projects
I see faith in modest, yet amazing way
I see color, depth & contrast
I see the world as we know it
I see truthful vows
I see and shut out all insecure thoughts
I see the sky’s innocence
I see how trees are truly exquisite
I see my life always going up
I see challenges and certain fears
I see the good in people
I see the good in myself
I see each day like a new one
I see beyond taking risks
I see everyone who is important to me
I see the importance of staying in touch
I see with growth, comes solitude
I see wealth does not define you
I see the simple things that are awesome
I see I need to clean the windows  ;-) lol

I see many many many things. … and for that split second when I look out the window each morning, its  simply the start of a brand new day.

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