Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kelly Moore Bag

I'm here to confess a little secret!

(In no particular order)... As a Professional Photographer, Auntie, Step Mom, Fiance, Sister, Daughter, Artist, Comedian, Friend, Blogger etc etc... one thing I struggle with is: If I don't bring my camera EVERY place I go... I always (slightly) regret it after.  It sometimes pains me to be in a place or situation where something catches my eye and I don't have a camera with me. (I'm sure any true photographer feels this way)  So I made a vow I would always try and bring my camera everywhere possible. To the supermarket, to the kids events, the coffee shop, on road trips, out for suppers, car rides, to the mall. Everywhere!   The downside?  Trying to fit even my smallest of camera body & lens into a stylish purse plagues me.  So I'm here to say its time to invest in a stylish camera bag.  I'm soooo thankful I came across the "Kelly Moore Bag" website.

Check out if you're curious to see why I totally neeeeeed and want one of these bags.  

It's time.  ;-)

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